Horses Help Kids – Music and Horses for the Soul

Coming Soon – – Music and Horses for the Soul – “Empowering Lives through Equine Inpired Music Productions”!

Voice  For The Horse has been successful in producing our 1st Theme Song  STRONGER (Music Video For Kids Part 1) in 2013AND we are not stopping here! To honor the kids who  participate in the War Horses 2014 Writing Competition  as we did in 2013 with STRONGER (Music Video For Kids – Part 2) we look forward to awarding many more young writers recognition  for their efforts in Inspired World Class Music Video Productions!   Share this link with friends, teachers and others who care about our  upcoming generations! We believe through the Fine Arts where we  recognize children on an International level creating UNITY, will create  an empowering and massive difference for kids, promoting their natural talents as they  evolve into their teens and adult years.

Visit the Voice For The Horse Face Book Page here!

Connecting with Ace!

Connecting with Ace!


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