Horses Help Kids Fitness & Habit Busting Challenge 2014

Horses Help Kids Fitness & Habit Busting Challenge 2014.





Voice For The Horse Spokes Character – Freedom Flat Stanley has officially kicked off his Freedom Tour in Langley, B.C. Canada promoting the Organization’s 3rd International Children’s Writing Competition – Subject: WAR HORSES! The tour is scheduled to take place up until closing date of the competition April 30th, 2014. Freedom will be visiting various locations across Canada sharing within communities this free learning writing experience for children ages 18 and under with two categories 13 – 18 and 12 and under.

The mission of Voice For The Horse is to “forever bridge the gap between horse and human in our modern day world today and into our future”. The Organization ties in fine art projects such as their upcoming photo contest for the Official Music Video for “STRONGER”  as well as their art competition sponsored by world renowned equine artist Kim McElroy, where kids world wide, will be invited to submit a drawing/painting of a horse which empowers them and makes them STRONGER. 

Voice For The Horse is proud to feature from Langley, B.C. Canada – Spirit Award Winner Sara Trafford from the 2011 Wild Horse Writing Competition, who is excited to participate in this years WAR HORSE writing competition! Sara has been a keen supporter of Freedom Flat Stanley since the summer of 2012 sharing in many of our fun and adventurous activities!


Sara shares in a fun photo opportunity with Voice For The Horse Mascot Angel and Freedom – who is dressed up in one of his newer outfits – his Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) attire!


Sara is mounted on “War Horse Mischief” – Voice For The Horse Mascot!

On behalf of Freedom and Voice For The Horse we wish Sara much luck with her WAR HORSE story submission in this years writing competition!

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Check out Sara’s Award Winning Prizes sponsored by country music artists Templeton Thompson , Michael Oneill and an array of prizes from many of the other sponsors of the Voice For The Horse Inaugural Writing Competition 2011 where WILD HORSES ROCKED!!

Freedom’s Dream!

I noticed lately Freedom had just not been himself. With the shorter days and less time to play outside with Angel and with so much excitement going on at Voice For The Horse, little time was spent with Freedom in the fall and winter of 2012. Thus, depression had pretty much set in for him as he felt his days with Angel and Voice For The Horse were no longer a priority.

When Freedom showed up only as a “Flat Stanley” in June of 2012, he was head over heels with how much he was doted on. To be back with Angel, reunited over two years since they first met, was more than he ever dreamed could happen for him. After his first Adventure to Hastings Park, he knew he wanted to transform to a horse to be closer to Angel in fact but this was not to be, for Angel did not want to lose her “Flat Stanley”. The only other option for our unnamed “Flat Character” was to become a PR Person/Figure for Voice For The Horse – who appropriately we named Freedom!

Freedom’s biggest dream ever has always been to travel and promote the message of Voice For The Horse. In fact this is the main purpose of what a”Flat Stanley Characters” does; he travels from destination to destination where his activities are tracked by his sender (usually kids in elementary/middle school age group). The exciting part of this for Freedom is he already is promoting children’s literacy through the Flat Stanley Project  which is very fitting with the Voice For The Horse Organization.

This Flat Character Does Not Dream SMALL DREAMS! – Be Careful What YOU Ask For!

City Backside

After a very quiet winter for Freedom in 2013 and learning he felt like he was no longer an important figure at Voice For The Horse, we sat him down and told him never ever would he NOT BE a part of our Organization. In fact I told him if we were so lucky to ever have the opportunity for Freedom to  travel the world to promote what Voice For The Horse does, he would be flying out the door in no time at all to do just this! Well, be careful what you ask for as we set in place for Freedom to initiate three major campaigns for Voice For The Horse in the summer of 2013 called the FREEDOM TOUR U.S.A., the FREEDOM TOUR CANADA and the FREEDOM TOUR GREAT BRITAIN where our little flat friend will be promoting the 3rd Annual Voice For The Horse Children’s Writing Competition – Subject: WAR HORSES! After breaking this exciting news to him we then proceeded to take him out to the field where we tied him snugly into Angel’s mane where the two of them spent the rest of the day together, grazing it away. I even noticed Angel slip away with Freedom down into the trails of the forest … were not exactly quite sure what went on in there but it must have been good as they both sported big smiling happy faces upon their return home!!

We look forward to a fun and successful 2013 with many new Freedom Flat Stanley Adventures to come! See you ALL at the races!

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I noticed lately Freedom had just not been himself. With the shorter days and less time to play outside with Angel and with so much excitement going on about the new Virtual Horse Character who will be coming to life soon and joining us at Voice For The Horse, depression had pretty much set in for Freedom, as he felt his days with Angel and Voice For The Horse were over.

Freedom Loves Horse Racing!

VFTH Mascots – Hard at Work (making new friends!!).

After many years seeking a way to forever “bridge the gap between horse and humans in our modern day world” the photo below depicts a very big part of our mission ~ having people touch, feel and engage with horses on a level that is well outside the showring in fact and within the heart of the many who simply love the horse for “who it is they are”.  At Voice For The Horse we believe everyone should have the opportunity to connect with horses on a level available to them which gives us “our why” to develop further programming where our children, parents and teachers may share in our celebration and love for the horse!

 In the photo below is VFTH Mascot Mischief (on the left) ridden by local writing competitor of VFTH 1st Annual Children’s Writing Competition 2011, Katie Bachmann from Pitt Meadows, B.C. and Yvonne Allen from Voice For The Horse on VFTH Mascot Angel; a brother/sister team! Our new friends are Karen and Carmel from a nearby medical building taking a stroll on their lunch break!

It only takes riding the horses through a strip mall and other shopping areas for people to gravitate to the horses. These horses are admired and loved by everyone who meets them.

Visitor from Austin, Texas meets Angel and Virtual Horse To Be!

Impressed by her size, energy and kindness, David was in awe when he met Angel and her little Flat Stanley Friend who is transforming to a horse to forever live his days out in the field with Angel! See 1st post on the bottom of our blog to learn about the amazing love story that has evolved since Flat Stanley and Angel met three years ago! David is from Austin, Texas and was so impressed with the VFTH Project he took Angel’s Flat Character back home with him (with Angel’s permission of course!).

Not quite sure who is charming who here!

Matthew McCormack ~ Winner of VFTH Children’s Wild Horse Writing Competition 2011

Matthew McCormach – Grand Prize Winner of the VFTH International Writing Competition 2011 – Subject Wild Horses and his guest from Missouri, U.S.A. will be flying to the ISPBM (International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros) in July 2012!! Matthew very much looks forward to his trip and promises to bring back a great story for us! Although a Canadian born organization, Voice For The Horse reaches beyond our borders to create awareness for both our younger generations and of course our horses with the mission to “Bridge the Gap between Horse and Humans in our Modern Day World”. We invite you to join us and be a part of our virtual and social media platform created to forever engage us ALL with these wonderful animals! 

Visit our Online Presentation Page for the 1st VFTH International Children’s Writing Competition 2011

Matthew: Thank you for sharing the following kind and thoughtful words with Voice For The Horse …

“Everyone has a hobby or task that they love. Volunteering is one of the hobbies that I enjoy. I particularly like to spend time helping animals such as horses. For two years in high school, I volunteered at a therapeutic riding facility for children and adults who are disabled. I would help individuals with various mental and physical disabilities learn to ride horses. As I would walk alongside the horse and rider, I made sure the pupil was sitting up straight, holding the reigns properly, but most importantly, feeling content and special. This was such a joy for me and for everybody who was involved in the therapeutic riding lessons. Everyone whom I volunteered with at this fantastic facility, including the horses, was so upbeat. Associating with horses and helping the less fortunate feel like they were on top of the world was definitely a win-win situation.

I have also volunteered for years at a large animal rescue facility. I clean stalls, brush horses, hand out treats, and make sure each animal is treasured. Seeing horses and other farm animals bounce back from a previous life of abuse or neglect at this rescue facility is such a great feeling. Knowing that I was involved in the recovery effort of suffering animals puts a big and rewarding smile on my face.

I would encourage others to get out and volunteer! Maybe volunteering with animals is not your thing. There are countless other volunteer opportunities to embrace. I would encourage everyone to play a part in making the world a better place. Something as simple as a friendly greeting or gesture to a person (or an animal  ) truly does make the world a happier, better place to live”.

Matthew McCormach

St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.      

It is our youth of today who will manage our world tomorrow. Matthew McCormach sets a fine example of giving back and nurturing many horses who have been left by the wayside. A beautiful gift of love and compassion which we encourage at the Voice For The Horse Foundation