VFTH Mascots – Hard at Work (making new friends!!).

After many years seeking a way to forever “bridge the gap between horse and humans in our modern day world” the photo below depicts a very big part of our mission ~ having people touch, feel and engage with horses on a level that is well outside the showring in fact and within the heart of the many who simply love the horse for “who it is they are”.  At Voice For The Horse we believe everyone should have the opportunity to connect with horses on a level available to them which gives us “our why” to develop further programming where our children, parents and teachers may share in our celebration and love for the horse!

 In the photo below is VFTH Mascot Mischief (on the left) ridden by local writing competitor of VFTH 1st Annual Children’s Writing Competition 2011, Katie Bachmann from Pitt Meadows, B.C. and Yvonne Allen from Voice For The Horse on VFTH Mascot Angel; a brother/sister team! Our new friends are Karen and Carmel from a nearby medical building taking a stroll on their lunch break!

It only takes riding the horses through a strip mall and other shopping areas for people to gravitate to the horses. These horses are admired and loved by everyone who meets them.